How to start a commodity business without attachments

Today in the blogosphere and on information portals, there are a mess of publications about how the commodity business functions. They have a description of the ready-made operating schemes in detail. Also, it will tell you that this type of earnings, with the development of the Internet, has become public. However, you need to know more about it first.

One 30-year-old IT specialist from Florida runs a blog about his hobby. In his spare time, this young man buys or finds broken appliances, repairs and profitably sells them. This is a commodity business. So you can find a cheap product and sell it more expensively.

One morning, while jogging through the picturesque surroundings, a man discovered a discarded gas grill with no external injuries. After an examination, the man discovered that only the two-dollar battery had run out. After that, the man sold this grill online for $200.

This is an excellent example of how a hobby can become a good source of income. Commodity business is attractive because it gives endless space for personal enterprise. Also, it does not require any investment from the beginner entrepreneur. So you can even start with a hundred dollars to buy a small batch of goods.


How to open a commodity business from scratch

Moreover, you can only go somewhere and do something with your hands. You should have a laptop or tablet computer and understand how the digital market works. You will not have to invent your business plan from scratch, as it is already created, developed, and implemented in practical e-commerce:

  1. Marketplaces. There are specialized online platforms that were created to work in the field of the commodity business. It rents an online store as part of a large and popular platform that has many thousands of customers and designs an online store with different products. All technical details are the responsibility of the marketplace administration. The merchant has to choose the desired product and attract target customers.
  2. The second option is running Landing Page. Landing is optimal for selling one product with maximum conversion. You can make a landing page with the help of an online designer or order it on the exchange freelance. You will not expend a lot of money on this.
  3. Social media has long been a market in which people try to sell different products to each other. To do this, they create thematic pages on which many notes are native advertising, which unobtrusively offer to buy something necessary for the occupation that the community is dedicated to.

For example, a fisherman creates a community for fishing fans. Within such a community, he can place advertisements for fishing accessories. Among them are fishing rods, bait, boats, clothes, and shoes for travel outside urban comfort.

You can start a commodity business in the situation described. In this case, drop shipping will be your best option. So you won’t even need money to buy the goods. The merchant will have to deal with the promotion of goods and prepare high-quality advertising (you can also independently not write and order). The online affiliate store or supplier takes responsibility for accepting payment, delivery, and warranties.

Each partner benefits here. So, an enterprising user earns money, and suppliers receive free promotion of their products. You will be able to understand the essence of the commodity business quickly. You will be able to start making profits very soon. To make this process fast and exciting, we advise you to read specific articles in blogs and information portals.

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