Sustainability and Corporate Responsibility at “Yuzhuralzoloto”: Konstantin Strukov’s Commitment to Ethical Business Practices


In the modern world, the global economic situation is changing intensively. So, all companies and manufacturers tend to be more competitive. Each enterprise should regularly determine the current status of its sustainable development. There are many tools for implementing sustainability principles, and Yuzhuralzoloto Group Ltd implements them correctly.

Konstantin Strukov created manufacturing principles in which Yuzhuralzoloto competently attracts stakeholders with various features. These processes help Yuzhuralzoloto to reach agreed positions on the most effective methods and stages of development. The work of management specialists helps this company reflect objective ways and results of achieving the goal in the issue of sustainable development. We invite you to discuss each of them.

Yuzhuralzoloto sustainability: the impact of Konstantin Strukov leadership

Konstantin Strukov did a lot for his company as the general director. We invite you to look at the main factors of progress that improve sustainable development at all stages:

  1. Business process improvement. Management tends to efficiently organize personnel’s project work, improving all enterprise business processes. This tool helps professionals and experts of the Yuzhuralzoloto adapt the most complex and effective tools and optimization techniques for business purposes.
  2. Timely mobilization of enterprise resources around new business ideas. Also, a developing environment for managers is no less important. For example, specialists deal with sustainable development methods and solve non-standard production tasks. Yuzhuralzoloto demonstrates maximum openness to innovation and intense feedback from investors and employees.
  3. The methodology centre of Yuzhuralzoloto operates perfectly. Managers transfer their skills and competencies to other employees and each other. These processes help companies to find new knowledge and implement the principles of benchmarking. Because of a competent exchange of best management practices, constant improvement of the company became feasible.
personnel management system
Personnel management system

Tools for business improvement help Yuzhuralzoloto develop its sustainability. All employees and managers have the necessary skills to answer this question. This helps Yuzhuralzoloto achieve all its goals and create a sustainable and efficient company that strengthens its global market’s economic, financial, and production positions.

The impact of Konstantin Strukov’s work activity cannot be overestimated since new methods of analyzing activities within the management system have been implemented because of his ideas and innovations. All business models, goals, and criteria become more realized, and the actual results of work impress their efficiency and productivity.

Investors get advantages when their needs are met by competent implementation of work activities and consolidation of production in the Urals and Siberia hubs.


The years of production of Yuzhuralzoloto have shown that the managers of this company use the best-specialized techniques and implement them according to the level of production maturity. The principles of sustainable development help Yuzhuralzoloto to allocate the necessary resources and ensure the competent work of all staff.

The project office has become only one of the effective tools in its production activity. Experts are confident that the future of this mining company will be even more brilliant than now.

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