Smoky eyes makeup

It seems incredible that smoky eyes makeup was invented a century ago. It was worn by the most fashionable ladies of the Great Gatsby era who were invited to parties in Long Island, and everyone else imitated it.

Today smoky eyes make-up is performed in reticulated technique with bright and saturated colors, with the predominance of the deep black palette. This technique has its own unique characteristic. The fact is that it is very versatile because it looks great on women of any age and even on men. This makeup is suitable for people with any eye type, skin tone, and facial shape. Smoky eyes is a perfect idea of how to disguise the hanging eyelid.

Thus, this type of makeup is a lifesaver for every woman. That’s why all girls should be able to create smoky eyes.

Studying the basics of makeup should start with learning the rules of the smoky eyes technique, which can be done at home with almost no problems.

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