What Are the Best Makeup Trends?

Makeup trends are constantly changing, but some of them are coming back again. There are several major trends that should be noted this year.

What kind of makeup is in fashion now?

  1. Purple eyes. This color is now in fashion, and it’s great because it is well suited for both blondes and brunettes. It also perfectly emphasizes the eyes of any color: from brown and gray to blue and green.
  2. Neon. Neon has been used for fashion shows for several seasons now. However, if earlier it took up a lot of space and could cover half of the model’s face, now it is used pointwise. For example, you can highlight the corners of your eyes with neon shadows or leave a barely noticeable stroke on your eyelid, etc.
  3. Emphasis on the lips. Quarantine measures have been lifted in many countries, which means that when making makeup, you can again focus on your lips. And the new trend is to paint them pink while making the rest of the makeup almost invisible.
  4. Pastel. In addition to neon, pastel colors are also popular. The arrows on the eyes, as if drawn with crayons, look very fashionable. And since the shape does not necessarily have to be strict, you can let your imagination run wild. Keeping track of the latest trends in makeup, it will be easy for you to create several relevant and stylish looks for different occasions.

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