Vamp makeup

To make this makeup perfect, be sure to line up your face and neck. For these purposes, a simple tonal basis is not enough for you. Use a large palette of correctors. Only after you create perfectly smooth skin without the slightest flaw, you can start directly applying cosmetics to your face. Particular attention should be paid to the lips and eyes. In the gothic style, you need to make both eyes and lips bright. If you decide to make up in the vamp style, then choose one thing (either eyes or lips).

If you choose eyes, then they need to be made as expressive as possible. To do this, you need to give your eyes an almond shape, and in this matter, a pencil and shadows will help you. You should circle your eyes with eyeliner, then apply makeup to the skin that remains unpainted between the eyeliner and the eyelids. In the last step, you need to paint your eyelashes. Don’t forget to comb them. By the way, it is better to make the arrows black.

If you choose lips, you’ll need a contour pencil and dark red or maroon lipstick. A very important detail in vamp makeup is the eyebrows. They should be expressive, even, and symmetrical.

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