Baking makeup

This is another complex technique that is designed to create an image called the babyface. This makeup, however, will not look pretentious in everyday life. Use it and you will conquer everyone with your photos and videos!

This type of makeup is very demanding for the number of tools. However, the application of the foundation is similar to ordinary makeup, but the final step is quite interesting. During this phase, the wet sponge smudges the classic powder, and this gives the powder the effect of the mask on the face.

To get the perfect option you will need:

  • The concealer is one shade lighter than your skin color.
  • Classic (loose or dry) powder.
  • Sponge.
  • Large and fluffy brush.

The main peculiarity of baking is that powder is applied on a tonal basis which is one tone darker than the skin of the model. Then a wet sponge is like putting a powder into the tonal base. The so-called resulting mask is supposed to dry for 20 minutes. After that, you can use a concealer that helps to equalize the color of the dried powder. This technique is especially popular among Instagram bloggers, as well as among all of the artists of drag shows.

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