What makeup is optimal for stories? How can InStalker show visitors of Instagram accounts?

Correct and careful use of decorative cosmetics will help you to hide some of the shortcomings of your appearance and emphasize its strengths. When applying makeup you can only use quality and proven products because products from unknown manufacturers can suddenly cause an allergic reaction.

Varieties of makeup

You should use decorative makeup based on the season, your type of appearance and, most importantly, where you’re going to meet. There are several kinds of makeup, each of which has its own features.

  1. Office makeup. The characteristic of this makeup is restraint and elegance. To apply this makeup, you can use primarily natural shades. To paint your eyes, you should choose shadows of pastel or sand flowers, and for lips, the optimal option is glossy natural gloss.
  2. Evening makeup. This type of makeup involves the use of brighter colours. When applying decorative cosmetics, you must not forget harmony and sense of taste so that the appearance does not appear too vulgar and tasteless. To decorate the eyes, you can use glitter and arrows of different shapes in that type of makeup. In addition, you can put on a bright lipstick with gloss or pour it on your lips.
  3. Wedding makeup. This type of makeup combines the features of day and evening makeup. It should emphasize the natural beauty of the bride, as well as make her image tender and romantic.

You must remember that the type of your skin must always accompany the choice of decorative cosmetics. For example, shiny leathers should avoid tonal cream and use powder. At the same time, women with dry skin should buy a special tonal cream that will moisten their face.

The correct makeup and professionalism of its creator are the methods that will help you to correct the defects on your face, such as too large forehead, wide nose, narrow chin or too large cheekbones. Dark shade cosmetics are the best option for the ugly parts of your face, and light one is best used in the places you want to attract the attention of people around you.

Cosmetics: how to use promptly

In order not to risk facial damage by a plethora of cosmetics, you should adhere to certain principles:

  • you should apply the mascara over the entire length of the eyelashes, moving from roots to tips;
  • at the edge of the eyelashes, you have to apply a thin natural line with a pencil or creamy shadow;
  • you should choose eye shades based on the colour of your eyes and the shade of your clothes;
  • you can paint the inner corners of the eyes with a lighter colour, and closer to the outer edge you should apply a thicker and darker shade.

The main rule of beauty makeup is the moderation of the use of decorative cosmetics. Face decoration is a long and detailed process that requires its creator not only certain knowledge but also practical experience. It often happens that pictures of girls and women with beautiful makeup attract the attention of numerous users of social media. We can only agree that every man will be able to find out who visited her page, view photos and other personal information. In this situation, InStalker can help you. This popular program is suitable for installation on mobile devices and allows all users to be aware of who visited their personal Instagram account.

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