Contouring makeup

Contouring is not an easy makeup technique. It allows you to adjust the shape of your face. If you can do this makeup, you can easily change your eye shape and nose size, forehead height, and so on. You can also emphasize your cheekbones.

The main thing in this style of makeup is to be able to use correctly tonal means that are lighter or darker than your own skin. This makes it possible to combine colors. Where there’s a shadow, there’s a weight loss effect, where light is a texture.


This technique was previously used only by makeup artists in cinema. Now it is used by all people. It was they who called this type of makeup contouring. Actress and model Kim Kardashian fueled the popularity of this style. Today, her personal Instagram page contains a huge number of photos that Kim was married to before and after contouring. She also shares with subscribers a video about the benefits of this type of makeup.

Contouring can be dry or creamy, depending on the products used in the process.

In dry contouring, the makeup artist uses pressed powders and shadows. First, a layer is made from powder, and shadows are placed on it. It all spreads, and so it mixes just on the face.

In cream contouring, makeup is creating only with sticks that resemble the crayons for drawing. They can only be cream-colored if it is a matter of everyday contouring, not makeup for cinema. Sometimes special palettes are used. It all goes on top of tonal cream. And then it’s all mixed up just on the face.

But in both cases, a wide variety of brushes are used. In the cream contouring, anyway, special brushes and tools are used. These devices make it possible to apply and perfectly distribute textures on the face, achieving the perfect result.

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