Secrets of Professional Makeup Artists

Why do girls leave salons looking beautiful and stylish after visiting professional makeup artists, and why can’t they achieve a perfect result at home?

It’s all about the professional approach. Makeup artists do not just makeup with powder, shades, and lipstick, professionals “do the top”.

The French word “visage” means “face, image, appearance”. This means that makeup artists create certain looks on women’s faces, following certain styles.

  • Casual look.
  • Festive, brighter look.
  • Mysterious and promising look for a romantic date.

Women differ from men in greater emotionality, and this is how they make the lives of gentlemen better.

The Art of Creating a Mood for Women

Professional makeup artists do not just slightly brighten the face, eyes, eyebrows, and lips, they create a mood.

When girls without professional training do their makeup at home, they intuitively find a personal image that they think men will like.

When it’s time to go on a date or a party, girls remember that in some situations they need to look brighter and often apply too much makeup.

Excessive makeup looks vulgar and defiant, which usually does not appeal to men with serious intentions.

Years of experience have helped professionals find out which makeup and visual impression is best for a given situation.

Professionals have the skills to create the maximum desired effect with minimal means.

The main secret of makeup artists lies in their experience of doing make-up in all possible styles, especially those that are popular in the current season.

A makeup artist is an artist who creates visual images of faces. Artists always have a goal to form a certain mood in the viewer, therefore it is not enough for makeup artists to simply create a visual mood for a girl, their goal is to evoke a target mood in a man, to evoke feelings of sympathy, attraction, desire, depending on the goals of the date.

The Main Types of Makeup

Depending on the situation, makeup artists select a certain style that would not only create an attractive image but also look good in certain situations and under different lighting conditions.

  • Catwalk style. This makeup is needed to create the mood at fashion shows, mainly among a female audience than a male audience.
  • Salon or commercial style.
  • Theatrical or television style looks great under stage lighting but seems weird under other conditions.
  • Wedding makeup.
  • Fantasy.
  • Airbrushing.

Now the so-called Chicago-style or gangster makeup, which appeared at the beginning of the last century, is gaining popularity. Its distinguishing feature is a hint of a noble origin with a touch of sadness and insolence.

If girls want to independently create images for different situations, it would be useful for them to study professional styles, instead of focusing on their image.

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