The main mistakes in eye makeup

Quite often, when making up the eyes, mistakes are made that lead to unpleasant consequences. To avoid them, you should get acquainted with the main recommendations from professional makeup artists.

Key mistakes in eye makeup

  1. Do not do excessively saturated makeup during the morning and day. It is a mistake to think that the created image will attract attention. Although, perhaps, it will attract him, but not the one that was expected. Dark mascara and shadows of bright shades look good only in the evening, and the rest of the time they just visually age. And they add a woman from five to ten years to her age.
  2. When making up your eyes, you need to take into account what they are going to focus on. If you want to highlight the lips, making them expressive and juicy, then moderate makeup is more suitable for the eyes. And, on the contrary. If you plan to make an expressive look, then you do not need to intensively highlight your lips, because this will spoil the expected effect.
  3. Often girls prefer to lighten the area under the eyebrows with silver, gray or white pearl shadows. This option looks unnatural. And besides, now fashion trends require that there are soft body shades there.
  4. When drawing arrows, you do not need to leave a free space between them and the eyelashes. In general, makeup artists advise first to draw the space between the eyelashes, and then to direct the main arrows.
  5. In no case should you apply shadows directly to the skin of the eyelids. It must be pre-treated with a primer or foundation. Due to this, they will prevent an unpleasant effect when the shadows roll down or begin to fall. In addition, if a primer is used as a base, then the shadows will get a deeper shade.
  6. If the makeup is designed to give a rejuvenating effect, then it is extremely not recommended to use dark shadows. Their use, on the contrary, ages the carrier. Moreover, the older the woman is, the stronger this unpleasant effect is.
  7. To prevent ugly lumps from forming on the lower cilia, it is necessary to work correctly with mascara. As in the case of shadows, it is important to observe the measure here. It is optimal to use two types of mascara. The upper ones are processed voluminous, using a lush brush. And apply lengthening mascara to the lower lashes with a miniature brush.

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