The Most Popular Types of Makeup

The main types of makeup are daytime and evening. But besides them, there is a large number of other interesting options.

The Most Common Types of Makeup

  1. Daytime Makeup. The main feature of this makeup is the use of a foundation of light tones that match the color of the skin and applied shadows.
  2. Evening Makeup. If the daytime makeup is very light and natural, then the evening one is much brighter. In this case, it is important to use saturated colors, but at the same time know when to stop. Its features include arrows and eyeshadows, brown-red blush, bright lipstick, accent on the eyes and lips.  Evening makeup is often used for photoshoots. In this case, instead of a light foundation, it is better to take a darker one. But this is assuming that the photos will be taken in a well-lit place.

Having figured out what classic makeup is, let’s move on to more interesting options:

  1. Strobing. This type of makeup refreshes the face, making it look younger. You can achieve this effect by using a shining highlighter, which is applied to the cheekbone area, bridge of the nose, dimple above the lip, chin, and forehead.

  2. Smokey eyes. Considering the types of makeup, you should pay special attention to this one. Its main feature is the emphasis on the eyes, where a dark shade harmoniously turns into a lighter one. To further highlight your smokey eyes, you can minimize the use of other products, but do not forget to complement this makeup with bright lipstick.
  3. Tumblr is a type of makeup, whose main feature is perfectly smooth skin with well-groomed eyebrows and emphasis on the eyes. This special effect can be achieved with foundation, matte lipstick, and graphic arrows.
  4. Another interesting type of makeup is ethnic. A good example of this is Japanese Geisha makeup, where people use white powder, make their lips look smaller and strongly emphasize their eyes.
  5. Lifting Makeup. This is probably the most natural type of makeup. Its main goal is to make your skin look younger and more toned. To do this, use the most neutral color palette without matte and pearl colors.

Knowing about the main types of makeup, it is easier to navigate them to experiment and choose the most suitable options for yourself for all occasions.

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